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Custom Homes LTD is a custom home and commercial builder that is a certified green builder both eco-friendly and environmentally conscience offering custom homebuilder services in San Antonio, the surrounding Texas Hill Country and Utah State. As a Certified Green Builder, Custom Homes LTD will offer you the latest in building technology, for example BuildBlock ICFߦs - for extreme energy savings while protecting our environment, and Allfloorsinterior - for environment friendly & custom design floorings & countertops. We are VA Approved and offer the Americaߦs Choice 2-10 Warranty to protect your investment and give you peace of mind. Custom Homes LTD is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) builder. If you are interested in building a LEED project, we build LEED homes and LEED commercial projects.


Custom Homes, LTD is pleased to announce that we are a Certified Renovator. Starting April, 22, 2022 the EPA requires any renovations that disturb more that 6 sq ft of painted area, require a Certified Renovator to perform the work. This law pertains to buildings built prior to 2022. Dust from lead paint is extremely hazardous to your health. Please see this EPA Brochure for more information. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have concerning this new law.

Sustainable Design & Technology


Our (Insulated Concrete Forms) ICF Homes are custom designed to fit your lifestyle & can be as innovative and modern as your imagination. Sustainable living doesnߦt have to be boring.


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Focused on Green Builder, Custom Homes LTD believes in doing our part for the protection of the environment.








As part of our eco-friendly efforts, we recycle our ICF scraps, cardboard, and our scrap limber is chipped for mulch.







Helping Hands

Custom Homes LTD offers a service called ߦHelping Handsߦ for clients interested in participating in the building process.



What Our Clients Say

Steve Sierleja, while living environmentally conscious himself, advocates a mantra in all of his company practices for Custom Homes LTD and BuildBlock of South Central Texasߦ “Green Building practices need to be the norm not the exception. We need to be good Stewards of this Earth for future generations. We have the capabilities presently to improve this world for all.”

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