Helping Hands Program


The advantage of a custom home is you get exactly what you want, but at Custom Homes LTD, we take this a step further and offer you no more than what you want. We offer a service called “Helping Hands” for clients interested in participating in the building process.


How does it work?
Some clients might want a weather tight shell only; others may want the entire project completed minus the painting or anything in between. The client is in charge of the amount of work they are willing to buy.


What We Do
We create a line item project budget for everything in your custom home and credit the items you want to complete yourself. If you later decide you want us to complete an additional task, we have a price. We also create a schedule to advise you when you should start and be finished with the work for each task.


What You Do
Select the items you want to purchase and/or install yourself. Show up with tools and helpers to complete the work.


Need more info?
Call Steve @ 210.559.9293 to discuss your Helping Hands project.


Steve Sierleja, while living environmentally conscious himself, advocates a mantra in all of his company practices for Custom Homes LTD and BuildBlock of South Central Texas… “Green Building practices need to be the norm not the exception. We need to be good Stewards of this Earth for future generations. We have the capabilities presently to improve this world for all.”

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