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RESIDENTIAL – ICF Wall Construction & ICF Weather-tight Shells
We not only build complete ICF Homes, we also work with other builders and homeowners to help them build only their ICF walls, ICF framing, or complete weather-tight shell.


ICF Weather-Tight Shell Construction


ICF Wall Construction


ICF Weather-Tight Shell Construction


Complete ICF Custom Home Construction


Residential Construction – ICF Wall Framing and Complete Custom Home Build


ICF Saferoom


ICF Foundation


ICF Custom Homes


This extremely energy efficient 2790 sq. ft. home includes a two year guarantee not to exceed $54.00 a month for air conditioning.




Germania Insurance Agency


Doctor’s Office


Wheatsville Food Co-op

Steve Sierleja, while living environmentally conscious himself, advocates a mantra in all of his company practices for Custom Homes LTD and BuildBlock of South Central Texas… “Green Building practices need to be the norm not the exception. We need to be good Stewards of this Earth for future generations. We have the capabilities presently to improve this world for all.”

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